Saturday, 22 August 2009

First Sock Syndrome

Some knitters sometimes suffer with "Second Sock Syndrome". This is when they have knitted the first sock of a pair and then have to knit exactly the same sock to make up the pair. Well, I have come to realise that I think I suffer with "First Sock Syndrome". I have knitted socks before with more or less no problems - in fact, I breezed through it considering they had been my first pair. Now I am using the same pattern for another pair and I have just hit problem after problem with it. I managed to get all the way down to the toe, with help from a few other knitters in the Ely KTOG group and and still the damn sock did not want to be knitted! So I frogged the whole thing - and felt like a weight had been lifted! I am now knitting it again, for I will not be beaten by a sock! Here is the rogue sock....

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