Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Stitchin' Birthday!

Last Tuesday was my birthday. I had a lovely day and received some lovely gifts. Among them was the fabric and threads to make The Woodland Goddess. I have coveted this since the Stitch and Craft show 2008 where I saw Joan Elliot and her stunning work. It is stitched with beautiful hand painted aida called Fallen Leaves from Polstitches and uses metallic threads and Mill Hill beads.
I also received a kit for making a cross stitch coaster set of blackberries and blackthorns from my Dad. Thom took me out for a meal in the evening and a little time was then spent at the Cambridge KTOG. Thom gave me a yummy carrot cake (my favourite!) complete with candles. Thursday evening, my Dad, sister, her husband and my niece and nephews came to visit. We had nibbles and more cake.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Stitch-a-long and Crafting a-plenty

This weekend I took part in a Stitch-a-long on facebook. I have never taken part in one or a swap or anything like that due to not having enough time. I didn't want to commit and so disappoint anyone. But now I have finished studying I have more time to enjoy what I love - stitching! The February Stitch-a-long started on friday 6th Feb at 5pm and finishes at 12pm monday 9th feb. All that was required was for me to post a before and after picture of my stitching. I decided to stitch a picture for a valentines card for Thom. Everyone else taking part was very supportive and nice and there was some magnificent work going on. There was another crafting event going on this weekend which I attended - a craft morning at Sue Ryder in Ely. We paid £2 and in return we got a cup of coffee/tea and a cake, all proceeds to Sue Ryder Care. There was a variety of crafts going on including card making, quilting, knitting and stitching. I met some lovely people and hope to go again when they organise it again. I also took my valentine stitch-a-long project along to stitch on.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow Bunnies

February arrived on sunday and with it came snow! The first flurry came in the afternoon whilst I was working and by the time I left at about just after 9.30pm, it was coming fast and furious. Pretty, but not pleasant to drive in. So we went to bed wondering how much of a winter wonderland we would wake up to in the morning. Not much is the answer. My footprints had been covered from the night before but there was not much else. The school opened as usual (the only one in Britain if the news is anything to go by!) and life carried on for us as usual. Thom and I were both off work (a rare occurrence) and so we went over to Huntingdon Garden and Leisure with my Dad for a while. By the time we were ready to leave, it was snowing hard again. So back to the burrow we headed, for an afternoon of tea, hot cross buns and stitching. Here are my two moon-gazing hares first thing on monday.