Thursday, 9 April 2009

Reading until Twilight....

The faery of gloom has been visiting the burrow recently. She can be found skulking in every corner and you stumble across her when you least expect it. She is not a pleasant house guest. I have not been able to concentrate on anything, not even stitching, or any of the things I love to do. Except one thing. The book "Twilight", by Stephanie Meyer. I have been sucked in completely and cannot stop thinking about it! And who could resist falling helplessly in love with Edward Cullen and his delicious vampiric beauty? Not I. I am resisting the temptation of making a purchase of the DVD as I want to finish reading the book first - but it's hard! I picked it up today whilst out shopping and could feel the pull but reluctantly put it back. Money is very tight at the moment, so thats another reason to wait a while. I also discovered that the next film, "New Moon", is out this November. In the mean time, back to my book....and Edward.


  1. Miserable old gloom faery, hope she moves on asap. Mind you, Twilight sounds like a good banishing charm! Have been meaning to ask if you've read anything by Babs Horton. If not, I'll lend you some as I find her plots are very good at banishing bad faeries!

  2. I loved Twilight but so far have resisted watching the film... I have my own ideas what the characters look like and don't want to spoil it.