Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Big Bang Theory

The subject of this post is not anything to do with the TV programme as in the title. It's about the explosion of our washing machine, a mere 3 weeks old! It was delivered on the 9th February and 10 days later it tripped the electricity with a loud bang. After a fuse change, all was well - for 3 days. The is stopped working mid-cycle. So we called the company and an engineer was sent out 2 days later. After a bit of tinkering and a few questions asked by him, he discovered the electrical panel had burnt out and so fitted us with a new one. All was well again. Untill 9 days later when the drum exploded, again mid-cycle, splaying small shards of white plastic everywhere and buckling the drum. Sigh. The company was called yet again and they have promised to deliver a brand new one on monday. We wait in hope that this one will not be a rogue machine that slipped through the net!

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